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 Last cut of a very long day.  A “starburst” pattern with 18 main branches for the 18 volunteers working at this site.  Made our day!

Texas Hurricane Harvey Relief


Great Relief Team


Volunteers working hard to restore homes


The sweet lady, 70 year old ,Mary that the we feel like was a divine appointment by God.  We were able to help her restore her home.


Disaster Relief

Relief Aftermath

 Disaster Relief Aftermath

Report on AL

Right after returning from Texas, tornadoes sweep through much of the southeast on March 20 leaving behind a path of destruction.  One of the hardest hit areas was Jacksonville, Alabama including the campus of Jacksonville State University.

JSU is special to me in that my grandfather, my mom, and I all graduated from there.  My mom and dad met on campus.  Many of my friends still live in the area.  The building where I took most of my classes and the apartments I lived in were totally destroyed.   

A small team from MBA responded by helping with flooded homes and tree damage.  We were privileged to be paired with volunteers from other parts of the country and local residents of Jacksonville as well.  These included a group of students from JSU.

Report on TX Trip

 11 volunteers just returned this past weekend from Orange, Texas (just over the Louisiana line).  The Hurricane Harvey rebuild project is run by Texas Baptist Men (Disaster Relief).  We were assigned a lady’s home whose name was Mary.  She’s 70 years old and her husband left her a few years ago.  She has no one else; all alone.  Her house had flooded around 2 ft up.  Some other volunteers had gone before us and removed debris and sanitized.  She had hired some contractors who basically gouged her on cost.  We installed new sheetrock throughout the whole house (up to the 4ft line) and mudded and sanded same.  We also installed new doors, new outlets, new switches, a hot water heater, reset her tub and commode and repaired a major water leak on her main line.  We really feel God had sent us to specifically help her.   She is a believer and was very appreciative.   

The last day and a half, 4 of us installed sheetrock at two other homes across town whose families had also experienced flooding.  These families were also believers and very appreciative.    

Note:  While visiting Home Depot on more than one occasion, we observed hundreds of people trying to get their life back in order.  I overheard one man’s conversation in that he had just endured 109 days in a motel.   Continue to pray for these families.       

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