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2017 VBS 

“The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.” Matt.13:24

      Vacation Bible School is much like planting your garden. You start early while it is yet winter thinking about the garden deciding what to plant.  Possibly looking at seed books from different companies and ordering just the right combination of seeds that will soon be planted deeply in the soil.

     Once the seeds are in the ground, you must continue to tend to the plants in order for them to grow to their fullest potential.  Much like those tender plants, our churches must care for the children in our communities to help them find the right path to follow in order to reach their full potential.  You made many contacts with children and their families through VBS, now comes the time for fertilizer.  Follow-up with those children and families.  Do not let those seeds that were sown this summer fall upon “rocky ground” or “among   the thorns.”

       During the summer, if you have worked in your garden properly, you can expect to enjoy the rewards of your labor at harvest time.  Likewise with Vacation Bible School, if we have given our best and demonstrated our care and concern for our students, we will continue to see the rewards of our labor as well.

     As the children are now back in school, I find myself asking “Where did the summer go?”  As Dale, other VBS team members and I visited your churches, we saw hundreds of excited children who were learning God’s truths at Vacation Bible School as you were planting those seeds.

      We are receiving amazing reports from your churches’ VBS events this  summer.  Thank you for all your efforts in making Vacation Bible School 2017 a success in your churches.

Elaine Well                                                            VBS Director