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The Maury Baptist Association wheelchair ramp specialists are at it again – for a needy person who is a member at Southside Baptist. 

Tuesday, May 8 in Mt Pleasant – 8:30 a.m. -  Address:  211 Goodloe #19  (trailer park about a block behind Mt Pleasant Post Office.  Trailer sits on the corner of Goodloe and Park) >> From Columbia, turn Right on Park in front of Pizza Place…

Please respond if you plan on helping.  Anticipate ¾ to a full day of work. 

Blessings,  Dale Ledbetter                                                                                                                                                                                                      931-698-1839


Alaska – New Church Construction – Dates and location TBD.  This trip is already full.  (summer)  Waiting on details from Samaritan’s Purse. 


This past Friday (Feb 9) a small group of MBA volunteers helped build a wheelchair ramp for Ricky Culberson here in Columbia.  Ricky suffers from multiple medical issues and was the subject of a January 7 front page article in The Daily Herald. 

That original article sparked interest in some of our MBA churches.  As we began to investigate, we discovered that the Knights of Columbus from Saint Catherine Church here in Columbia were also interested in helping.  Providentially, we began to talk and a long story short is that the Knights/St Catherine’s provided funding and a couple of volunteers while MBA took the lead in designing, building, etc.                                                                                                                                                              A couple of great moments….

  1. We were approximately 90% complete when the next door neighbor came home and walked around the corner and angrily said something about us taking up his backyard.  Please note this is in a trailer park and all the properties are rentals and we had secured permission early on.  Nonetheless, he was angry.  He even said a couple of four-letter words and as you can guess, they weren’t “Roll Tide”!  J  You can guess the atmosphere changed rather quickly for the workers.  We all began to pray as we kept working.  Then just a few minutes later, that same man came back and it was very obvious he had been convicted of his actions.  He apologized over and over again for speaking that way and began to compliment us for the good work we were doing.  He said his neighbor needed this ramp and he was glad someone was providing it for him. 
  2. One of our volunteers visited with Ricky during our time there.  She spoke with him about his relationship with God and shared the Gospel.  After the project was completed, two of us went inside again and spoke to him again.  He said he had an experience with God at an early age but in a nutshell, wasn’t sure of his salvation.  At best, he had gotten away from God and wanted to get back.  What a pleasure it was to witness him pray for Jesus to come into his heart. 

God provided us the knowledge of the opportunity, volunteers, materials, funding, permissions, good weather and even let us in on the greatest work of all – a new heart for Ricky. 

NOTE:  Ricky would like to attend church but even though he has a ramp, he has no transportation.  If any of our churches have a way to help in this matter, let me know and I’ll give you contact information.  It’s located just off Hwy 31 near the Speedway fuel center. 

Blessings,  Dale Ledbetter


We did a wheelchair lift project in Springfield, TN (north of Nashville) on December 14, 2017. 

2 volunteers from Northside Baptist with me;  We partnered with Tucker’s House (a non-profit organization that does this kind of thing for needy children)

Parents had two adopted children with multiple issues.
Wheelchair Lift Project

On December 21, 2017, we also did a ramp project for an elderly couple (90, 86) in North Columbia.  We had 10 people from 5 different MBA churches present.  
Ramp Project