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Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Response….

  1. We will NOT be working with Samaritan’s Purse on this project as we originally thought.  They have been overwhelmed with volunteers and our request was too far down the list to even be invited to participate.  We will continue to work with SP in the future whenever we can but just not this time.                                                                                                            
  2. We will be working with Texas Baptist Men.  They have three worksites.   Katy, TX (west of Houston on I-10); Clearlake, TX (southwest of Houston); and Orange (east of Houston near Port Arthur).   They do not know which site they want us to respond to just yet.  All depends on what work gets done prior to our arrival.                                                                               
  3. Dates:  We will depart very early Sunday, March 4 – work M-F – Return departure very early March 10 arriving back in TN late.                                                                                              
  4. Cost:  Just travel meals, snacks, etc. – on your own.  Remaining costs are covered by MBA and/or TX Baptist.                                                                                                                        
  5. Lodging: Church type setting where we bring our own air mattress, bedding, etc.                    
  6. For more details, click on this link.  Note:  Do not correspond with TX Baptist directly.  If you have questions, please run them by me and I’ll forward them along.                                                                                                  
  7. I’m beginning to plan for our travel.  They can supply tools so we do not need to take our MBA trailer but we will need to provide space for our luggage.  With this in mind, if you plan on going, do you have a van or pickup with a cover on the back we can use for these purposes?  MBA will reimburse your fuel, etc.                                                                               
  8. We have 10-15 slots reserved.  We can take men and/or women. 

So for now, who’s in?  Please email or call and reserve your spot. 

Blessings,  Dale Ledbetter

Maury Baptist Association  

I want to share some of the possibilities for continued service for assisting those who are still trying to recover from these events.  The needs that I am sharing with you now are OPEN to DR and Non-DR people, churches and associations to go and serve.


Texas has moved into the rebuilding phase.  They are booking teams to assist in the rebuild efforts.  If you have a group that wants to be involved in this continuing effort, you can go to and look around on the website and you can sign up directly through them.  You do not have to go through our office.


The island of Dominica (not to be confused with Dominican Republic) is locate in the southern Caribbean.   It was slammed by hurricane Maria.  We are setting up a rebuild response that will take place over the next year.  We will work in an area called Le Plane and the surrounding villages.  God has opened some wide doors for service in this area with many opportunities to serve and share the gospel.  Phillip Hardee from Bellevue Baptist Church will be the person coordinating the teams that want to go in and share in this opportunity.  Attached is a bullet point document about the work there.  If you want information please contact:

               Phillip Hardee                 office:901-347-5537        cell:901-652-4553

We have begun by sending several  containers of supplies for the people and the rebuilding that needs to be done.  We have also started a project called “Love Dominica’s Children” in which we are trying to collect funds to purchase backpacks, school supplies, small toys, and other items for all the children in the Le Plane area to help resupply some of the things they lost in the storm.  We are also doing some things to assist the local teachers.  If you would like to participate in this, contact me.

This is an international trip.  You will need an up to date passport to participate.  Phillip is coordinating the timing of teams going.  Each team will be responsible for making their own travel reservations and paying on field expenses.

Puerto Rico:

Many have been wondering what is going on with Puerto Rico and what will be the future needs.  This is the area in which we have been trying to work out details.  It has taken some time but things are beginning to come together.  We have been asked to serve by partnering with  4 churches in the Guayama area of Puerto Rico.  This means we will be working simultaneously with these 4 churches.  To do this in an efficient manner, 5 associations volunteered early- on to partner with people on the island.  I have asked these associations to take the lead in working with the four churches we have been assigned.  What this means is that I have asked them to lead and be the coordinators for those TN teams wanting to go and serve in Puerto Rico.

If you, your church or association would like to take a team to Puerto Rico you will need to contact one of these associations and get on the schedule with them.  They can give you details as things continue to come together.  Representatives from these associations are going to Puerto Rico this next week to try and work out with the local pastors how things will work at each site.  Pray for them as they travel and ask God how TN Baptists can join them in what He is and wants to do in Puerto Rico.

Below are the Associations and the contacts for working with the churches they are overseeing.  The coordinator may change as things go forward.

Holsten Valley Baptist Association:

Coordinator:  Rev. Mark Roberts



Working with:  Iglesia Bautista Raham Guayama

Pastor Francisco Javier Reyes



Coordinator:  Randy Bonner


Working with:

Iglesia Bautista Sin Paredes (Guayama)

Pastor Pablo Ortiz


Holston Association:

Coordinator:  Dennis Shumate


Working with:

Iglesia Bautista Adonai (Salinas)

Pastor Luis E. León


New Duck River Association and Salem Association:

These DOM’s will be going to PR next week and will discuss who will take the lead in the coordination.  For now, contact either of these associations to let them know of your interest.

New Duck River Association:

Dr. Tim Key


Salem Association:

Rev. Paul Fries


Working with:

Iglesia Bautista Logos

Pastor David Colón


TBMB through Disaster Relief will be partnering with those going to serve in Dominica and Puerto Rico through grants for the first 100 volunteers that go to each location (Dominica and 4 locations in Puerto Rico).  To those going to Puerto Rico TN DR will grant each volunteer $200.00 towards the cost of the trip.  To those going to Dominica we will grant $300.00 for those staying one week and $450.00 to team members staying for 2 weeks.  This will be sent to the church or associations sponsoring the trip.  We will not send the grant to the individual directly.  TN DR will also reimburse churches and associations for the Plan “A” Supplemental Insurance purchased through Gallagher Charitable.  If you have questions about any of this, please contact me.

Prayer Needs:

1.            Pray for the coordinators who will be overseeing these projects.

2.            Pray for open doors of ministry as team serve.

3.            Pray for witnessing opportunities and people willing to listen and respond to the Holy Spirt when He calls.

4.            Pray for the pastors and others on the field who will be working with us.

5.            There will be a group of about 100 College Students from all over TN with their leaders and about 20 DR volunteers    going to Orange Texas to help rebuild on Dec 30-Jan 6.  Please pray for safety and many opportunities to share the gospel.

6.            The National DR steering committee is meeting tomorrow and Friday.  Pray that they will have wisdom.

Once again, thank you for your faithful service as you serve those who have gone through a disaster.

In Christ Serving Together,


 Wes Jones

   Disaster Relief Specialist | Tennessee Baptist Mission Board

   Harvest Field 4 Team Leader, Campers on Mission,

   Baptist Builders, Men’s Ministry

   712.253.4408 (Cell)  |  615.371.7927  (Office)

   PO Box 682789, Franklin TN 37068

  Mission Mobilization Center

  6434 John Hager Rd., Mount Juliet, TN 37122 or